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Freight Charges:


  • Dogs: Free (All dogs must be on a leash at all times)

  • Bicycles: $8.00 (Round Trip)

  • Kayak & Canoes: $25.00 (One Way)

  • Strollers: $8.00 (Round Trip)

  • Lumber: Price Depends on size & quantity of material

  • Grocery Items: $4.00 for general items that are sent over without supervision.

Store & Restaurant Supplies: 

  • General Freight is $4.00 per box 

  • Boxes of alcohol are $4.00

  • Clean linens are $4.00 

  • Dirty linens are $4.50 

  • Kegs that are 15.5 gallon cost $15.00

  • Kegs that are 7.75 gallons are $7.50

Rules around Freight:

  • Packaging:

 Your belongings and freight may be handled several times during your trip to the Cranberry Isles. In order to make the most of available space on the boat (especially during weekends and holidays during the summer) it is a good idea to pack your belongings in stackable containers, such as banana boxes, Rubbermaid Totes, etc. Plastic bags are not a good idea for transporting on the ferry. If you are buying groceries at a local store, please re-bag your groceries in sturdy re-useable bags. It is very helpful if freight is labeled with the owner’s name as well. Be sure to put plenty of protection around fragile items.

  • Count Your Freight:

 To be sure you leave the boat with all your belongings, count the number of freight containers you have before loading them.

 Beware of Peak Times:

As much as possible, passengers should try to limit freight during peak times. Summer weekend and holidays are usually peak travel times with lots of people and freight to load on the boat. If you have other freight coming to the island, such as furniture, plants, etc. please try to schedule them during the week, during high tide.  Priority must be given to transporting customers and their personal belongings; however we will work to accommodate as much freight as practical.


  • Transporting Gasoline and Propane:

 Beal & Bunker passengers who bring a machine that has a gasoline tank need not empty the tank prior to boarding. Small motor bikes, lawn mowers, trimmers, chain saws, etc. are examples of the type of freight that may contain gas during transport. However, per Coast Guard regulations, passengers are not permitted to transport gasoline cans filled with gas on the ferry. Containers of liquefied natural gas or propane may be carried onboard Beal & Bunker vessels if the following conditions are met:

  1. Container is D.O.T. or I.C.C. approved

  2. Container is limited to twenty (20) pounds

  3. Captain is verbally notified of its presence

  4. Containers are stowed on the rear or roof

  5. Containers do not impede access to fire-fighting equipment or hamper access to exits.

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